Serving Edmonton, Strathcona, Leduc, Beaumont,

Wetaskiwin, Camrose and Surrounding Areas


 TRAILS WILL OPEN - Saturday Dec 18 at Noon  


Also we are reminded that the only 3 legal spots to enter MINISTIK are at Access Gates:

-           #2 – at TWP504a and RR215 – West Parking Lot 

-          #33 – at TWP 510 and RR213 – North Parking Lot

-          #22 – at TWP 502 and RR210 – East access – not much parking on the road allowance - Spillstead Hall




-          Please do not make new trails… our Stewartship for Ministik trails mandates we stay on the designated trail system and not create any new trails.  All new trails will be closed down.

-          ICE HEAVES as in the attachment are up to 3’ & 4’ high on the lakes so if you hit one you will get hurt for sure..  Always drive across the lake then turn around and ride back on your old track so as not to hit a blind ice heave in the snow.

-          Low snow means shore line rocks will still be exposed and a problem  - so access on and off lakes at a slow speed so as to miss the rocks

-          We will try to have the parking lots cleaned for this weekend 

-          When we get a foot or so of snow we will bring the groomer out and groom the trails – but have fun riding the trail system till then

-          This is an Alberta Snowmobile Association Trail and 50% of your ASA Trail Pass does go back to the clubs to pay for the trail Maintenance and grooming of the Ministik Trails  If you do not have a trail pass you can buy one at any dealer in Edmonton, Leduc, Wetaskiwin and Camrose.  For a club membership fill out the foam attached or call Brian at 780-990-9339


Any further questions please call Brian at 780-990-9339

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