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What is Trail Maintenance?
If you have never done or seen trail maintenance here is a brief description.

As an ASA snowmobile clubs we are required to maintain our trails so all ASA snowmobile's in Alberta can enjoy a safe and hazard free ride.  

Trail Development - is when the clubs locate, design, cut trees, remove obstacles from the trail so the trail is wide enough to be safe.    

Trail Maintenance - is the day to day maintenance of the existing trail system.  This is done by riding the trail system either by quad (during the summer) or snowmobile (during the winter) and removing any fallen trees, over growth or hazards that are on the existing trail system.

What dates are Trail Maintenance Done on for the upcoming seaon:

Check the news & events for dates 

We have about 25 members on the Trail Maintenance List 
New people are joining seasonally so feel free to call Brian at 780-437-4706 to join us anytime.
Every Wednesday we set up who is available for the upcoming weekend 
On the days we do trail maintenance we usually follow this format:

9:00am - Meeting at Looma Esso Restaurant for breakfast / coffee.
10:00am - Leave Looma Esso Restaurant and drive to the location closest to where the maintenance is.
10:30am - Unload the quads (summer) or sleds (winter).- Ready to head out and clear trails 
12:00pm - Stop for lunch and rest
2:00pm - Shut down trail maintenance and ride for a while
3:30pm - Load up and head home, another great day...

So what is done during trail maintenance:
- Unload at various access points and ride into Ministik 
- Check the trails for any fallen trees, rocks, stumps etc that may interfere with grooming and riding
- Clear the fallen trees on the Trail System with chainsaws, pole saw, clearing saws and even by hand 
- Install direction, indicators and warning signs 
- Fix fences that may have been cut over the season by some riders.

What do you need to bring to do Trail Maintenance???
Nothing!!   Just you…
TCSC supplies the chain saws/ clearing saws and pole saws/safety glasses/safety chaps/safety helmets all contained in our Equipment Trailer and pulled by the trail head so you can just ride.
If you have a quad great bring it along also if you are more comfortable with your own chain saw you can bring yours.
TCSC supply the Saw gas and bar oil if you bring your own saws 
If you do not have a quad but want to come out for the day call Brian and we can line you up to ride with someone
Also all volunteers are covered by the Alberta Snowmobile Associations Volunteer Death & Dismemberment Insurance package for $100,000.00.

Breakfast at Looma Esso at 9:00am
TCSC wishes to THANK our Volunteers by buying your breakfast at Looma Esso with the rest of the Trail Maintenance Crew
This is to say thanks but also for the Trail Maintenance Crew to get a chance to visit with each other and have a warm breakfast before heading out to the trails
So we will buy you a Breakfast Special – Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Coffee
BUT – you need to call Brian to get on the list so we can make sure we have 12 volunteers per day for the days tasks 
(We prefer the “Many Hands Make Light Work” philosophy but also we cannot have too many people that it becomes unmanageable or dangerous with power saws)

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