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Preparations for Summer Storage

This maintenance sheet is intended as a guide to prepare your machine for summer. It is meant to be used along with the owners maintenance manual. We assume no responsibility or liability of any kind, for your work on your machine. We have found it best to print out this list, double sided and have it laminated. That way oil, grease, gas & dirt will not wreck your list. Also you can use a grease pencil to check off what you have done as you work along. Happy summer and see you in the winter.

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  1. Have you installed this year’s vehicle registration sticker on the license plate?

  2. Power wash snowmobile while on the trailer to remove excess snow & mud. Caution not to hold sprayer to close to machine as it high pressure can peal paint and get into wheel seals, bearing and joints.

  3. Hang snowmobile tarps to dry.

  4. Unload snowmobiles into a warm garage.

  5. If not already washed, then spray off any mud & snow.

  6. Check drive belt for cracks or missing rubber pieces, replace if necessary.

  7. Check carbides for wear & replace if necessary.

  8. Check shocks for proper movement & no oil leaks, replace if necessary. Check for proper weight setting on the front shocks, main track shock and the rear springs, reset to proper setting if necessary.

  9. Remove chain case drain plug, drain and clean dipstick magnet. Refill chain case oil to proper level.

  10. Adjust chain tightener as per manual. (page 98)

  11. Refill injection oil with proper snowmobile injection Oil.

  12. Check engine coolant level (cold engine only), measure the coldest maximum and add if necessary.

  13. Check brake fluid level in reservoir.

  14. Check brake pads should have at least 1/8" of pad left, replace if necessary.

  15. Lubricate & grease chassis and steering as per manual (page 81)

  16. Clean foam air filters.

  17. Drain gas tank so only a little gas remains, you might want to use this gas for you lawn mower, etc.

  18. Pour gas stabilizer in to the tank to prevent it from breaking down and coating the tank & gas lines.

  19. Lift rear of snowmobile on to a stable snowmobile stand.

  20. Check track wheels & sliders for wear.

  21. Start & Run snowmobile – Keeping hands and feet away from the moving parts & track!!!

  1. Review maintenance list in manual (on Page 81).

  2. Turn hand & thumb warmers on to high.

  3. Check electric start operation or pull starter cord to start.

  4. Check tachometer operations – do not over rev the engine, as it is not under load.

  1. Check the speedometer for proper operations.

  2. Check the exhaust system for leaks. Keep hands & loose clothing away from moving parts.

  3. Check choke for proper operations.

  4. Check parking brake & brakes for proper operations. .

  5. Check throttle for proper operations

  6. Caution – DO NOT TOUCH track is moving - Check the track for smooth quiet operations.

  7. Check forward/reverse operation – let the track completely stop before changing track direction.

  8. Check headlights for high/low beam, dash light & tail light operations. Replace bulbs if necessary.

  9. Check hand & thumb warmers for proper operations. Should be warm in 5 minutes of running.

  10. Turn Off Snowmobile checking handle bar kill switch button operation

  1. Tape a plastic bag over air box intake to prevent any water entering air box & then the carburetors.

  2. Wash complete machine being careful not to spray water at the air box intake.

  3. Wax - cowling, machine body and seat with appropriate waxes

  4. Check upholstery for any cuts or tears, remove seat and have repaired before storage.

  5. Load machines on to the trailer.

  6. Remove air chamber box from carburetors

  7. Start engine, Spray Engine Fogger / stabilizer into carburetors, turn engine off with tether cord to check operations, replace tether cord.

  8. Replace air box and securely tighten to carburetors.

  9. Remove plugs and spray Engine Fogger / stabilizer into cylinders while slowly pulling starter rope, replace spark plugs with the same ones (save new plugs for after fall start up).

  10. Remove the battery from electric start machines. Store in a garage – trickle charge at 2 amps once a month.

  11. Place a rag in the exhaust pipe to prevent mice from nesting in the muffler.

  12. Replace tarps and secure.

  13. Park trailer for summer storage at your desired location.

  14. Lift up track and place stand to hold track off the trailer.

  15. Spray all locks liberally with WD40 or equivalent to prevent rusting.

  16. Secure a chain around the wheels to the springs/frame and lock, also lock the trailer hitch closed. A little time & effort may prevent the theft of your trailer & snowmobiles.

  17. Wrap the machine with a weatherproof plastic tarp to protect the "fitted travel trap" from the summer sun. Secure a rope around the tarps to prevent the summer wind from blowing the tarps away.

Now rest up for next winter…

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