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Tri-County covers the area South & South East of Edmonton.  If you live in Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc, Wetaskiwin or Camrose or surrounding areas, then we are the club for you.  BUT ANYONE CAN JOIN 

Our club provides snowmobiling activities, advice and information.  We also organize our members to create, develop and maintain the trail systems in our area. 

What you need:

Club Membership: One Tri-County Snowmobile Club membership is required per household.  This entitles you and your family members to participate in our events and keep up with our club news and functions.

ASA Trail Pass: You also need a valid ASA trail pass for each snowmobile that will be operated.   This means that if you have four snowmobiles you would need 4 passes; this is unlike the club membership.  Trail passes can be purchased for an entire year or just one day.  If you own the sled the yearly passes is your best investment.  If you are borrowing or renting a sled for a day than a day pass will work.  Tri-County requires a valid ASA trail pass on each snowmobile when participating in any of our organized events.   Most organized trail systems in Alberta also require an ASA trail pass.  Any other ASA-club function will also require this pass.  You can buy your trail pass from any club (although we would prefer you got it from us) and it is valid for function or trail were an ASA trail pass is required.

If you wish to join Tri-County Snowmobile Club just click here on "Membership Form".  Print off the page, complete the form, and a cheque payable.  If unable to printout a form please email the webmaster at and I will mail by postal one out to you.

As a convenience we can also sell you the ASA (Alberta Snowmobile Association) Trail Pass at the same time as you purchase your club membership.

Here are just a few of the reasons were have developed into the club were are today.

10. Snowmobile clubs gain land access to create snowmobile trails.
9. Snowmobile clubs create snowmobile trails, by  paying insurance costs which enable you to cross private land.
8. Tri-County Snowmobile Club members receive a 10% discount at participating  Corporate Dealer Members.
7. Tri-County  Snowmobile Club creates a rapport with land owners within the Tri -county region.
6. The clubs put up stop signs, directional arrows and signs that tell you the distance to the next gas station or restaurant.
5. Snowmobile clubs and provincial associations fight the battles to open public lands to the snowmobiler and there is strength in numbers.  Become one of those numbers.
4. Surveys show club members tend to be more conscientious.  They tend to stress safety and they are aware of safe-riding issues.
3. Tri-County Snowmobile Club offers a great social outlet for your favorite hobby, club rides, safety seminars, club fund-raisers, club rides to mountain destinations.
2. Get involved.  Joining the Tri-County Snowmobile Club gives you a stronger voice to achieve a public trail system throughout our counties.
1. And the No. 1 reason to join Tri-County Snowmobile Club


As with any club their is a cost associated with joining which pays for the expenses the club incurs over that year.  We must operate and plan events based on the budget obtained through the sale of memberships.  We also do receive some funding from sponsors and if you wish to view who sponsors Tri-County just click on the hyperlink "SPONSORS" at the top left corner of this page.

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