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Tri-County's General Meeting

When & Where are the Tri-County Snowmobile Club General Meetings?
Tri-County holds it's General Meetings the second Tuesday of each month starting in September and running to April.
We hold our general meeting at

Western Budget Motel - Leduc #3 in the Boardroom
7712 - Sparrow Drive
Nisku, AB,
Front Desk - 780-980-5277


What happens at the Tri-County Snowmobile Club General Meetings?
We discuss the business of running the club, setting up rides and events and getting to know the new members.
Some of the usual meetings will include discussions on:
1 -  Financial account balances and expenses,
2 - Trail maintenance, dates locations and what projects we will work on
3 - Setting up and running our booth at the Alberta snowmobile Shows in October each year
4 - TCSC rides as in, Santa's Toy Ride, Gym Cana Family Days, Ministik Family Rides
5 - Destination Rides - to other clubs trails and events
6 - Leduc's fall Santa's Parade and the Spring Black Gold Rodeo Parade
7 - Dealer BBQs which are held every Saturday in November each year



The meeting usually end around 9:00pm or about 1.5 hours
This is a great way to meet your club members and have a social at the same time.

 If you have any further questions please call Brian Beebe
at 780-437-4706

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